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“The ideas are sombre, but the show is uproarious… the self-directed cast of JobReady brings to the stage, something that is quite extraordinary in its acerbity and exuberance. Its commedia dell’arte style of presentation is joyful, and marvellously entertaining; the laughs in this show are nothing short of rambunctious.” Suzy Wrong

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"Easterman is completely convincing as the defensively hostile Claire, who, over the course of the story, becomes aware that there is something very wrong in her home." Jason Blake

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"It is a biting critique on the politics and aesthetics, savagery, dangers, ruthlessness and beauty of international and Olympic sports." Lynne Lancaster

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“To pull off a play with such dark subject matter, in such a light, playful and clever way takes a wonderful director and a truly great cast. This group does a stellar job that I can’t imagine being done better … Highly recommended” Lisa Thatcher

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