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2018 Le Grotesque Beautifool- Bouffon Intensive, Clockfire Creative Lab

2017 Current Body Weather Foundation, De Quincy Company

2017 Christopher Davies, Bamboozle Workshop, Sydney Opera House

2004 Theatre Nepean UWS Bachelor of Arts (Performance)

2001 Bachelor of Fine Art, College of Fine Art, UNSW

Performance and Freelance 

Current: Milkcrate Theatre Artist facilitator

2013 - 2020 Sydney Opera House Digital Educator/Tour Guide 

2020 Never Going Home, Once Were Islands, Berlin 

2019 Bird, Secret House, Old Fitzroy Hotel 

2019 Working It Out with Kate Mitchell 

2019 Olympia, Olympia! GENERATIONS PACT Centre for Emerging Artist. 

2019 JobReady, Big Muscles Sad Heart. Old 505 

2019 Big Muscles Sad Heart Variety Night, Join the Dots workshop 

2018 Knowledge Acquisition. Bender, The Lock-Up Newcastle 

2018 Big Muscles Sad Heart Theatre Variety Night, Down/Under @ Fredas 

2018 Walking the Sea - Performance, Gangwondo International Language Institute 

2017 Drag Poetry Big Muscles Sad Heart Variety Night, Join the Dots workshop 

2017 JobReady Big Muscles Sad Heart Theatre, Alice Williams 

2016 Unpack it/Pack it in, Gallery 55, Sydenham Road 

2013 Milk Milk Lemonade New Theatre, Melita Rowston 

Miss Julie (Old Fitzroy), Moistness (The Arches, Glasgow), Grover Stands Up (Tokyo Sing-Song), 


Whilst at Theatre Nepean: Brenda, Road , Kim Hardwick, Ninja, Tales from the Couch Russell Cheek. Hamlet, A Hamlet , Daniel Schlusser Exeter/ Bardolph Henry V Brendon McDonall. Doreen/Agave, A mouthful of Birds, Yana Taylor

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